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To learn more about the life of Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817) and the Kosciuszko Mound (Kopiec Kosciuszki) in Cracow, Poland, please consult the following biographical and other related works:

In English

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 In Polish

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In a Review Article  

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In a Scholarly Article

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In an Entire Issue of The Polish Review

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In an Entire Book on American Press Coverage of Events in Poland from 1811 to 1849  

  • Anthony Joseph Bajdek, WHEN VICTIMIZATION OF POLAND WAS NEVER IN DOUBT: Fostering Knowledge of and Sympathy for Poland in the Early American Repuclic: 1811-1849, as Reported in the Niles' Register; copyright 2021 by Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC, Point Pleasant, NJ. Of the 302 news articles comprising this opus, numbered News Articles 19, 35. 36, 38, 39, 49, 56, 72, 103, 128, 135, 170, 175, 189, 205, 221 and 222, written largely, but not exclusively, by British, French, German and Polish journalists in Europe, referenced Tadeusz Kosciuszko ranging in varying levels of coverage and intensity.

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